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Self-confidence & well-being seminars and workshops to organisations, schools and community groups. 


I offer coaching in English and Italian

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Personal development

Build confidence and self-esteem

Self-consciousness, lack of confidence and pessimism can impact any area of your life: they may stop you from changing a career or seeking a promotion, establishing flourishing relationships, taking good care of your health, following healthy habits, embarking on a new venture or making a business grow. That may lead to stress, anxiety and burn-out and prevent you from developing a positive approach to life and achieving personal and/or professional goals.


By challenging limiting beliefs, expanding self-awareness and knowledge and improving personal skills, I help my clients thrive, feel empowered and ready to make positive changes in their life.

Well-being and lifestyle

Change your habits, feel better

The word "wellbeing" defines an optimal state for both body and mind. To achieve that, you may need to transform your lifestyle with sustainable changes in habits and mindset. With my coaching, you will be able to increase energy and vitality and achieve your wellbeing goals to become the best possible version of yourself.

Relocation (and repatriation) challenges

Live Your Life with Confidence in Another Country

Living in a host country can be challenging. Everything is new, the language, the food, the side of the road on which people drive. And, if you are not moving alone, the concerns for the wellbeing of your loved ones can make you stay awake at night. Whether you are thinking of leaving or you have just settled in another country, you may be experiencing stress, anxiety and all the practical challenges individuals and families face when they go abroad.

Culture shock (and reverse culture shock) have well-known stages. The pattern is that of a rollercoaster. “Honeymoon”, crisis, adjustment, adaptation. Being aware of those four stages and define a strategy to go through all of them while keeping enthusiasm and energy is the first step to start a new life abroad.

With the help of coaching, the process of adapting and finally enjoying your new life will be quicker and smoother.

become the best possible version of yourself.


I partner with other top-notch wellbeing professionals in order to better support my clients' journey towards optimal mental and physical health

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