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Take three steps to increase your confidence on Mother's Day

Message wishing happy Mother's day

Today is Mother's day and, more than any other day, we should feel loved, appreciated and respected ... by ourselves!

Many times a mother tends to forget that she is, first of all, a woman. And, as a woman and a mother, she should take care o herself, before taking care of others. Like when, before the plane takes off, you're reminded that, in case of oxygen loss, you should put your mask on before helping others, the same should happen in everyday's life.

Taking care of ourselves is also the first step to build up confidence and self-esteem. It means becoming aware of our needs, our weaknesses but also our strengths and abilities.

Here are the first three steps that you can take today to start your journey to a confident self:

- Identify your beliefs and values. Use them as a compass to guide you in the actions and decisions you make. If you notice a conflict between your values and your decisions, maybe it's time to reconsider your actions.

- Respect yourself. This also means to speak up or act on your thoughts and needs, even when others disagree with you or make you feel guilty.

- Focus on the present moment and avoid ruminating on the past or being concerned about the future. Even a few minutes of mindfulness meditation every day will help you reduce stress and anxiety and improve your wellbeing.

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