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Five great tips to stick to New Year Resolutions

Sparklers for New Year's Eve

Here we are again. Another year has come, and we find ourselves in the first week of January making, as usual, our resolutions for the coming twelve months.

Let's clarify what "New Year Resolutions" are. They are promises that we make to ourselves, with the purpose of getting rid of a bad habit or developing a good one. Our intention is to be more satisfied with our life in the coming months.

New year propositions can be of different kinds. However, be they regarding health, work, relationships or the environment, sticking to them can be equally hard.

We may decide to quit smoking or to get healthier. Commit spending less time at the pub or taking our son to play in the park every weekend. Or joining a charity, or dumping our rude boyfriend.

We did it last year, and the year before and so on, but every year our intentions melt away by the end of March, like snow at the arrival of spring.

So, how to stick to them, this year?

Here are five useful tips to make them last for the whole year.

1. Set clear goals

If you want to lose weight, for instance, you have to determine in advance how many kilos you want to lose. Just thinking “I want to become slim” will not help you look like the fashion model in the photo you put on your fridge door...

2. Goals must be realistic and achievable

Wanting to run the New York Marathon when you have always been a couch potato may not be the right choice. You start going running five days a week and, after a couple of months, you find yourself exhausted and frustrated. Why not committing going running in the park once a week? Save New York for 2018, when you are well trained for it!

3. Share your projects and find allies

Ask help and encouragement from your loved ones. Family and friends can be a valuable resource if you happen to feel discouraged.

They will support you along the way and will not bring home that lovely Tiramisu from the Patisserie round the corner if you are on a strict diet.

Moreover, it will motivate you by making you aware that by failing you'll disappoint them as well.

4. Celebrate success

Every time you achieve a goal, spoil yourself with a little treat. You deserve it.

5. Do not give up

If you do not succeed on the first try, don't be disheartened. A failure can give you information on the changes you need to make next time you try.

So, adjust and try again.

You can make it, this year!

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